Vaccination for Ducks and Chicken


Vaccination saves thousands of ducks and chicken every year in rural home-based farms

Saving home-based economy, strengthening mothers and ensuring 1 egg per child everyday


Without vaccination 50-70 % of the ducks and chicken from the home-based traditional farms (non poultry) die every year. Our vaccination program is seriously helping mothers to save home economy. Home based farms are main source of protein for children we care a lot, because otherwise these families can never provide meat buying from the market due to their poor economic condition. Government help on vaccination never reaches in the very remote regions we are working.

These duck and chicken farms are also providing eggs for the children in poor families. Each child eats an egg every day.

Our Institute is helping mothers save their farms and create new farms by providing the following things:

1. Provide baby chicken and baby ducks

2. Provide logistic supports to maintain safe home for the chicken and ducks

3. Provide supplementary foods for the chicken and ducks

4. Provide vaccination regularly

5. Our vaccine providing young girls and boys regularly visit the farms and provide suggestions on better maintainance of the farms

6. Bi-monthly workshops in the regional centres to provide knowledge and training for farm running mothers on creating and maintaining farms in scientifically sound ways.

Vaccination Teams

Khalid Azam Khan, M.S.

Animal nutritionist and Vaccination expert

Edmonton, Canada

Tel: +1 780 429 4415, E-mail:

Centre: Satkhira, Bangladesh

    Mohammad Moslem Ali, M.A.

Chief Coordinator

 Ms. Tasmina

Instructor for vaccine girls and boys and coordinator


 Ms. Marufa khatun Lata, Student

Instructor for vaccine girls and boys and coordinator

Centre: Bagerhat, Bangladesh

           Most Monoara Khatun, M.A., B.Ed.

            Chief Coordinator and Head Instructor

                                             Akram Hossain, Drama and Film Director and Writer



                                                                    Ms. Luna, Housewife

                                             Instructor for vaccine girls and boys and coordinator


Acknowledgment: Upazilla Health Complex and Upazilla Animal Health Centre in the regions, Bangladesh