Training and Rural Career Centre
creating jobs in the rural regions


For sustainable professions in remote regions

Child Life Development Institute is working hard to create few sustainable professions among the grown up children (16 years and up) to work in the remote regions. We also care to create professions for mothers. In this regard our Training and Rural Career Centre (TRCC) has taken few visionary projects. These are as follows:

Computer learning program

In 2015 we have started a project to train youths on computer use. The trainees are taught a few basic computer programs helping them become professional computer typist. Our trainees are also capable of being employed as members of any network management, call center, online communication system management team, etc.  

Girls and Boys vaccinating ducks and chicken 

We train grown up girls and boys, provide vaccines and all other logistic supports to perform vaccination of the ducks and chicken in the home-based traditional farms (non-poultry) run by mothers. We believe creating professions for children in the region where they live when they need to move on to earning phase in their lives is very important task we are performing.

Building Low Cost Houses for Ecological Living

We are training boys and girls at their grown up ages (18+ years) on building low cost houses using bamboo, hogla and goal leaves, all are locally grown, to build low cost houses for those who practically do not have quality places to live. These houses are better  especially in flood affecting regions and comfortable, clean. Only CAD 300 is needed to build one such house which lasts for about 20-30 years. Our model houses are in great demand among people living in poor societies, so the trained boys and girls are in high demands which make them find profession easily.

Training the Mothers running home-based farms

We train mothers running the farms on how to use scientific/appropriate techniques to maintain healthy environment in the farms, increase the productions, marketing the products etc.

Information Centre on other professions in the regions

TRCC helps young girls, boys and new mothers by providing them with the information of the latest trends of sustainable professions in the remote regions. TRCC also maintains communications with other employers to find opportunities for the children getting training and other supports from the Institute. 


TRCC staff

Most Monoara Khatun, M.A., B.Ed., Chief Instructor


Ms Tasmina, B.A., Instructor

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Zahidul Islam, B.A., Instructor


Mrs. Afroza, B.A., Instructor

Midwife Training

In 2014 we have started satellite workshops to train midwives working in remote regions. A professional certified/registered Nurse (RN) has been appointed as Instructor to train a team of 10 midwives in each workshop session where midwives usually are given tips on basic medical emergency services as well on how to execute their duties while delivery. They also get training on helping pregnant mothers at their late stages of pregnancy and immediately after delivery. We equip the midwives with necessary medical equipments. Our dedicated volunteer teams work to taking the satellite workshops to various regions throughout the year. If you wish that we take it to your region please contact us.


Our 1st workshop at Dhandian regional center, Satkhira to train midwives in March, 2014. We stay with them always and supply medical equipments and small monetary grant to ensure sustainable help for pregnant mothers in remote regions.

Watch our Midwife trainings:

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Shafiqul Islam, M.Sc., Lead Analyst-Training