Since 2010

Various ongoing events of Child Life Development Institute


Our ongoing efforts are on rise. We wish to build on our successes of foundation years. Lots of events have since been performed targeting at the welfare of children and mothers in needs in Bangladesh.

-Power glasses for vulnerable parents, 2016, cont                                                                             -Youths' computer learning program, 2015-cont
-Midwife training program, 2014-cont
-A school at Bagerhat region has got it's toilet facilities created by our organization, 2014
-5 pure water plants have been established at Satkhira and Bagerhat regions since 2013.
-Students from 9 high schools and villages receive education funds,2013-cont 
-Mothers receive appreciation awards and monetary supports, 2013-cont
-We have now our own 4 central poultry farms at Satkhira region for nutrition supply.
-100 home based goat farms run by mothers have been added to the Institute's Satkhira regions

Children and mothers are enjoying traditional chicken-khichuri with the President during his visit to Bangladesh. The food is served using local old tradition that is many opted to eat on banana leaves. Children got new dresses from the Institute on this occasion.


Mothers are discussing the issues related to children's nutrition in a meeting organized by the chief coordinator Monoara Khatun. Delegates from Canada are present.  July, 2010

A team led by Director Kh. Aminul Haque visited tribal Garo living regions in Madhupur, Tangail, Bangladesh on 24 September 2010. Child Life Development Institute is working in this helpless tribal community (endangered minority in the country) to ensure proper nutrition for the children and raise home-based economy for the mothers who are living under any understandable level of poverty. A seminar explaining how the Institute is changing the lives of the children and mothers in the vulnerable societies was held where beneficiaries and others interested were very generous to participate and learn of the various activities of the Institute.

To know more about Garo people and their lifestyle click here.


Institute in Indigenous Societies

Goat and pure water projects got started in 2012

-Goat farm
In the beginning of this year the Institute has started providing goats to raise home-based economy run by mothers. In this initial phase mothers of our sponsored children in 6 villages in the poverty affected coastal regions in Bangladesh are receiving goats having fast reproduction capacity. Children drink nutritious goat milk from their mothers owned goat farms.

-Deep tube well for fresh water
First deep tube well has gone to the Baburhat, a remote region in Bagerhat where the surface and swallow tube well water is saline affected. 400 children from nearby primary school, all coming to the bazar and people from the densed neighborhood altogether about 5000 people will be profiting from this pure water supplying plant. We have a plan to establish many of such deep tube well projects in all saline and arsenic affected regions.

Registration in Bangladesh

Canada's Child Life Development Institute's activities have officially been registered in Bangladesh under its sister organization 'Foundation for Child Life Development', Bangladesh in December, 2010. Thanks to Bangladesh government authorities to allow our Institute's activities to be performed in the rural regions in Bangladesh. This official presence will help us raise transparencies and accountabilities on all activities both in Canada and in Bangladesh, get all sorts of governmental, national and international agencies' supports in performing our humanitarian activities.

Organizational sponsorship

We have received a Canadian organizational sponsorship in December. The organization does not wish to be mentioned in the website. We respect.

Fund raising Garage sale in Edmonton, Canada

Advisor Dr. Jeannette Martin and her team of generous Canadian sponsors organized a 3 day garage sale event in end of July, 2010. Money raised from this sale was deposited to the fund of Child Life Development Institute for buying milk for children in enormous needs  in Bangladesh. People who worked, helped, donated, hosted decided to work from behind.

Institute was in the News Paper

Child Life Development Institute went to Edmonton Journal for last two days of July, 2010 to advertise the mentioned program.

The Institute received a big check in July 2010 from a big heart in Edmonton, Canada to sponsor welfare programs run for children and mothers in Bangladesh. Although this lady has been helping children all over the world she wishes to continue working for the children from behind. We have huge respects for her decision.

President's Visit to the Fields in Bangladesh

A whole team led by President Dr. Md. Ashrafuzzaman visited fields in Bangladesh where the Child Life Development Institute's various projects are in operation.

During the visit in August, 2010 the President and his family performed the following activities with the children and for the children and their parents:

Handed Advisor Dr. Jeannette Martin sponsored gifts to all children, had a dinner together and spent a whole afternoon with the children and parents in an amusing boat journey in the river. This event was locally hosted by our Bagerhat Centre. Sooooo much fun! Chief Coordinator Monoara Khatun and her team were very generous in organizing the events including children and their parents.


A new Centre has been launched

The President started a new centre in the remote flood affected region in Satkhira in August, 2010.

Mr. Moshlem Ali, M.A. who is the Principal of the local Dhandia Kathahali High School has taken the charge of the Shatkhira Centre and he will be working as the Chief Coordinator of all activities performed in this centre. Ms. Tasmina Khatun, B.A.  and Ms. Marufa Khatun Lata, B.A. will be helping Principal Moshlem Ali, M.A. as the Coordinator of all operations in the fields. 

A Training Centre has been launched

The President Dr. Ashrafuzzaman has started a training centre which will train young girls and boys in the remote regions towards creating professions in the regions. Primarily the centre has started training two of its instructors with the help of regional health centre on vaccination of ducks and chicken. After getting full training these two instructors will regularly operate training sessions which will train girls and boys from different villages in the regions who would vaccinate all the ducks and chickens.

General Meetings in the Fields in Bangladesh

Two meetings in Bagerhat and Satkhira regional centres were organized where the President and the whole team of the Institute working in the fields there discussed with the beneficiaries, local social leaders and volunteers on priorities needed.


This school has just received it's toilet facility established in 2014 by our Institute. Since  2011 the children and teachers have been managing their lives without any toilet facility in school premise. We can understand how hard that might be. Finally, both they and we are happy, very happy.