Child Life Development Institute, Canada


Children are born with common rights. Right to survive, right to grow comfortably, right to be healthy, right to be happy. Canada's Child Life Development Institute is working to achieve a level of standard living for all children on earth. We are also empowering mothers by creating home-based small farms to raise financial strengths. We are especially helping children and mothers in Bangladesh where 30 million children live with scarcity and poverty.

Basic Health Care

Healthy life requires appropriate treatment against any childhood health condition. Poverty affected children never get treatment in the priorities of their parents to do lists while they even can't ensure proper foods daily. Child Life Development Institute is taking a part in the responsibilities of ensuring proper treatment in time of needs. Our doctors and paramedics are always alert against any health condition of the children we are able to help. For details please visit Click here

Soft Supports for Mothers

Raise a home-based farm

Empowering mothers brings home good life for children. We educate mothers to dream of manageable family considering planning before taking children. One child is perhaps enough to avoid huge sacrifice of pleasures. We support mothers in great needs to financially settle. We offer reproducible goats to the vulnerable mothers as an alternative solution to avoid severe poverty. Importantly, we are working with mothers to establish home-based traditional chicken and duck farms. Our sponsored small small farms are changing the fates of small families in villages.  Each child eats an egg daily from these duck, chicken farms. Besides, we also offer financial, logistic supports to establish nutrition/vegetable farms on the roofs or attach to their little little homes. Fresh vegetables from these farms are satisfying the needs of nutrition for the children as well as for others in the neighborhoods. What else can be better way to avoid poverty than creating one's small farms which create small level of finance for the families in great needs! For details please click here  

Milk for Babies
Child Life Development Institute is helping mothers with critical financial condition in the remote regions in south Asia, especially in vulnerable and indigenous societies in Bangladesh to ensure supplementary foods for their children under 5 years of age. Milk and other basic nutrients are provided for babies to ensure proper growth in childhood stages. For details please Click here

Training and Rural Career Centre (TRCC)

Child Life Development Institute is running TRCC to create sustainable, timely professions for young girls and boys in their region of living. TRCC also train mothers to regulate home-based farms, a program which empowers mothers through having their own source of income. For details click here




Please donate in any of our projects. All charitable transactions are subject to yearly submission to Canadian Government - financial statement on earnings and expenses of the organization. No money from your donation will be used for administrative purposes. All will directly be spent in developing lives of children and mothers in Bangladesh where our organization's activities are registered too. please click here


Cultural integration of new coming children

Institute is engaged in finding the primary second language for the direct immigrant children to Canada considering the social consequences. These children always need to find a balance between their very different ethnic culture and Canadian social values. They are proud to be integrated into the prosperous Canadian societies, bring with them international flavours, rich cultural values and invisible ties with their roots. Language and socio-economic parameters bonding between their internationalization and Canadianization are being searched by the Institute's research team click. Recommendations will be submitted to the respective Canadian Government departments.

for happy healthy children worldwide

Child abuse - Geopolitical

Felani, a 15 years old Bangladeshi girl who was crossing the Bangladesh/India border in Kurigram on 7 th January, 2011 was killed by India's Border Security Forces. The girl screamed for water for long time while hanging upside down (left picture), trapped on the border fench. Her father at the target of bullets could not approach his dying daughter to even offer help. The girl died while hanging and she still had to hang exactly in the same manner for 5 more hours. In the right picture the body is seen to be removed by two border forces. Consider the way! Is it a human or an animal being hauled away? Will the sacrifice of Felani go in vein? Our Institute despises child trafficking and this kind of treatment of humanity especially when it happens to the lives of children like Felani.   

Since 2010

Midwife training

Continued midwife trainings at our TRCC premise are ensuring delivery time access to modern medical facilities and health tips for pregnant mothers. Our trained midwives are scientifically equipped with necessary basic knowledge and materials. please click here