Empowering Mothers in Remote Regions
A solvent mother can only offer proper nutrition for her children


Women are equal contributors, equal strengths are their rights

We create home-based farms run by mothers which makes them financially strong and socially empowered

A goat in the family may bring prosperity. We are empowering mothers by providing them reproducible goats. A lady goat gets pregnant twice a year and easily produces 2/3 baby goats which when grown up are sold to markets. Our sponsored goats are also providing milk for children.


Healthy Living for Mothers

Poverty created psychological trauma from being unable to serve happiness among children appears as real curse on the mothers. Mothers are getting appropriate means to find ways to adapt with their conditions from us. All logistic supports are provided for planning for a better family life, planing for a small sized family with bearable number of children, perhaps one is enough if second seems to be possible at the great cost of pleasures.

Pregnant ladies, new mothers and grown up teens are especially our target groups to get help. We provide all health tips, social trainings, related medical supports, family planning supplies to ensure better living for parents and their children. We believe a planned family can never fail. Regular workshops in our centres are helping promote awareness on the necessity of healthy lives for mothers and planned families in the societies. A healthy mother can ensure a happy life for her child. 

Empowering Mothers financially

Supports to create small goat farms are provided by Child Life Development Institute. Every mother is given 2/3 reproducible goats which ensures continuous earnings for the family. Mothers get empowered through finding ways to financially support their families. A poverty free family can easily ensure good lives for children with healthy and happy presence.

Farm for Nutrition

Supports are provided for all mothers to create small home-based farms surrounding their homes.  Institute sponsored high  quality seeds and other necessary expenses ensure the farm to get proper attention and care. Fresh nutrition enriched various vegetables, grown in 365 days a year in these tropical regions, appear as main source of day-to-day nutrition for the children in the family. Others in the neighborhood also get help to raise their level of nutrition enjoying fresh vegetables and fruits from the Child Life Development Institute sponsored home based farms run by mothers in the remote poverty affected regions.

Children, parents and others with chief coordinator in the region and executive from Canada in a post meeting photo shoot

Child Life Development Institute has started an initiative to create a sustainable change in the remote societies involving mothers. Local scocial leaders, professionals have been with us, helping in many ways. We wish to find few grown up trees from our seeds of progress. These trees will be the ultimate source of hopes for the vulnerable  people in vulnerable societies. Until then we won't give up. 

A woman works not following 8 hours a day rule but her credits are never acknowledged. Child Life Development Institute is helping mothers to be powerful through achieving visible strengths through creating sustainable professions for them. Serving for the family is noble but doing only this has been suppressing mothers for thousands of years. We are letting them achieve wealth, achieve source of sustainable earnings and help them strengthening their positions in the societies. At present we are helping mothers in the vulnerable societies in many ways.


Our Institute sponsored traditional duck farm has made this mother and many others financially independent. This type of home-based farms are providing eggs and meat for their children whom we care a lot. Duck farms are easy manageable supplementary sources of home based economy in the flood affected coastal regions in Bangladesh.

We provide high quality seeds, bamboos and and other necessary utensils to help mothers make their own farms surrounding their homes. Fresh vegetables and fruits from these farms in tropical regions are providing green nutrition for children.