Empowering Fathers in Remote Regions
A confident father can bring pleasures in the family


A healthy active Father is an umbrella on the heads of children

A tractor helps fathers of our Institute sponsored children to be financially independent to take charge of their children's lives. We keep few tractors in our regional centres which are given in a rotation basis to the hard labor selling needy farmers to cultivate crops.  These farmers in the remote regions otherwise use the life threatening pulling the plaughs technique even in this time of easy technology. A tractor costs CAD 1000 from local markets and using rotation about 100 families are benefited from 1 tractor in our regional centre. To sponsor a tractor for our regional centres of Child Life Development Institute please contact us

Farmers represent 80 % of the whole population and 95% of the population in the region where our Institute's help is available. Providing support of the technological equipments for doing scientific agriculture we are ensuring a greater support for the regional economic development where the average family daily income is less than 50 cents.


Donate a tractor for technology based agriculture


Smiley face with full of happiness in the heart of a father can be the best gift for the children at home. Easy agriculture producing extra crops due to use of scientific agriculture is the cause of our support for the father.