Fighting Child Trafficking in South Asian Region
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Raise social awareness in the remote regions against child trafficking


Coordinated criminals steal children, buy children from poor parents who are unable to bear the costs of raising their own children. Parents never know where these children are taken to. All of them eventually face the following

1. Serving as prostitute - child sex

2. Providing hard labor

3. Being killed for important organs


Our Institute is working in the remote regions to raise awareness against this social crime. We also work with different other organizations to recover stolen children from prostitution and other labor selling sectors and try to send the recovered children back to their parents.

For independent assessments on Bangladeshi children of the slums (click) and the severity of trafficking please visit this report by ICDDR,B click. A recent US Government report (click) also provides the info on severity of the issue.

Executive Committee

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NGOs willing to work with us as partmenrs to stop child trafficking from south Asian regional countries are encouraged to contact us. contact details