Wish to serve for Humanity?
Be a volunteer and help children to live better


If you are a student, a mother, a father or a person who thinks about humanity, who dreams of bringing pleasures to the lives of all children and mothers our Institute is the best place for you to serve. Because we feel and do your dreams.


Fund raise

Ask your friends, relatives and others to come forward and strengthen the Institute financially.

The following projects are actively run in Bangladesh by the Institute:

1. Baby's milk project
2. Children's basic treatment, food and cloth project
2. Home-based farms (goat, chicken, duck, vegetable) run by mothers
3. Helping fathers use technology based agriculture
4. Pure water projects in arsenic and saline affected regions
5. Building low cost homes for flood and cyclone affected homeless people
6. Food bank for use during time of crisis due to cyclones, floods, droughts, etc.

We need to provide non-stop inputs to smoothly run all these projects. Only active volunteering from many can ensure the best for all children who otherwise would starve day and night, every day. Please contact us click