Thank You, We are grateful to you. Please be with us all the time.
                                         Children, Mothers and the Institute


                                                   Sponsors are helping in all ways

You are welcome to be one of our great community who is helping in the much needed humanitarian activities performed by our Institute. Please contact the president. click here

Child Life Development Institute receives sponsorships from big hearts living in Canada, Switzerland, South Africa, Spain, U.K., U.S.A. and Bangladesh. Sponsors from other countries are also welcome. The Sponsors just love to see good quality of lives ensured for the children and mothers our Institute is working with.

With the help of Sponsors the Child Life Development Institute is trying hard to create sustainable developments in the lives of the children and Mothers living in the rural regions under critically vulnerable financial and social conditions. Currently we are active in remote regions inside Bangladesh. The daily  family income of each of our beneficiaries is less than 50 cents Canadian.

        Ways to sponsor

We receive monetary and any other form as sponsorship from individual person, group, organization, etc.

We appreciate any amount as your support.

Here are few ways one can be a proud sponsor:

Sponsorship for Children

100 CAD to sponsor a child's whole year milk.

50 CAD to sponsor a child's whole year treatment.

1000 CAD to buy a big cow from local markets for our farms which are providing milk for the children. A smaller cow costs less.

2000 CAD to buy a Jersey Cow for the farm details

A qt. litre of milk every day for a child.

100 CAD a year

Sponsor a cow for our farm which is feeding children.

1000 CAD for a cow feeding 15-20 children

600 CAD for a cow feeding 8-12 children

Sponsor a goat in our 'support the Mothers' program.

100 CAD per big goat, smaller goats cost less.

Sponsorship for Mothers

Home-based farm

We are seriously trying to find ways to support mothers of our sponsored children to make them being able to independently run family affairs. We are providing goats to mothers. Goats grow quickly in the tropical weather and are very good source as supplementary income for a family with very little income, less than 50 cents daily.

100 CAD to sponsor a lady goat with potential to give birth to baby goats

100 CAD to sponsor a home-based 'Nutrition Farm' (click) run by a mother

80 CAD to sponsor a home-based traditional duck or chicken farm run by a mother and would provide eggs and meat for the children


Sponsorship for vaccination in rural chicken and duck farms

500 CAD to sponsor vaccination for all ducks and chicken in a sub-region for a year. By providing vaccination we are saving 100 times benefits for the poor mothers. details

Sponsorship can be forwarded online (credit card payment) through PayPal (please press the front page link)

or in a check payable to

Child Life Development Institute

and please mail it to our following office address:

Child Life Development Institute

12141 - 80 street

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T5B2P2

or, please contact (details)

Professor Dr. Md. Ashrafuzzaman, President

Sponsors are cordially invited to visit the children and see why and how we are changing their lives.


Sponsorship for Fathers

performing scientific agriculture

1000 CAD to sponsor a tractor which replaces the traditional ploughing using cows and farmer's life threatening labor.

100 CAD to sponsor seeds for a group of 10 farmers. details

The names of the following  sponsors* are especially mentionable who have made this great mission possible especially in the initiation phase and since

Paul M. Martin

Tozibar Rahman

Mme Marjolaine Bell

Mohammad M. Alam, Ph.D.

Md Kamruzzaman Prince

Colin Robak

Peter Tavares

Amanda Tavares

Jason Bernice Peters

Jean Peters

Garlim Gainer

Shamim Khan

Dave Ludwig

Mike Sunders

Jane Slessor

Irene Dumont

Orest Hrechlikh

Orest Hrechlikh

Tania Janvier

Hassan Khan

Rob Evans

Marcel Desjarluz

Daniel Semenctlak

Lelf Gpegerzen

Lorraine Deakin

Abdul Matin

Lorna Arcand

Florence Moyan

Barbara Marquis

Valerie Crane

Myrtle Crane

Akram Hossain, Writer and Director

Celia Alam

Mohammad Alam,Ph.D.

Abdur Rashid, Ph.D.

Rejwan Ali, Ph.D.

Jehangir Khan, Ph.D.

Mahmoodur Rahman, M.Com.

Roksana Khanam

Md. Azizur Rahman, M.Eng.

Md Shahjahan Siddique, Ph.D.

Shahnaz Begum, Ph.D.

Md Moshfiqur Rahman, Ph.D.

Israat Tanzeena Haque, M.Sc.

Abu Sadat Nurullah, M.Sc.

Rebekah O'Brien, Spiritual Director

Jeannette Martin, Ph.D., RSW

Md. Mizanul Huq Chowdhury, M.Sc.

Sayeda Sameeha Sarwar

Mohammad Khan (Ashique)

Samiya Bhuiyan Jui

Abu Hanif Bhuiyan (Benzin)

Wahida Nahar Khanam, M.Sc.

Md. Israel Hossain, Ph.D.

Shamima Jahan, M.Sc.

Md. Ataur Rahman, M.S.

Mustafa Muhammad, Ph.D.

Md. Shaheen, M.Sc.

Most Anwara Khatun, M.A.

Md. Ashrafuzzaman, D.Sc.

* Many of our personal and organizational Sponsors do not wish to see their names or the names of their organizations to be displayed in the website. We respect their decisions.


Sponsorship for fresh water 

800 Can$ to sponsor a deep tube well water plant supplying deep underground pure water in severe arsenic affected regions.  details

800 Can$ to sponsor a water plant collecting and maintaining rain water (only sweet water resource) in saline affected regions. details


Sponsorship for winter and summer dresses

800 CAD to sponsor 100 children in a region. We have now 6 regions where we run the dress project.

Sponsor a Midwife training workshop

400 CAD to sponsor a workshop to train 10 midwives and equip them with medical items for delivery time use. We have certified a professional nurse as our Institute's trainer. Our midwives work with pregnant mothers in remote regions where no medical facility is available.


Spnsor to create a central protein farm

2000 CAD to establish a unit in our central poultry farm. We have two regions where we are now running poultry farms. click