Scholarship, Grant and Award


Student of the Year (SY) Scholarship for Children to continue studies

Mother of the Year (MY) Award for Mothers to excel in their projects

 Schools receive grants for sports events and extracurricular activities

SY is awarded to 8-10 grade students in several schools in two regions Satkhira and Bagerhat. Several students from each grade receive annual scholarships as a support to mainly manage few of the following costs:

  • An appreciation amount for excelling in previous exams  
  • Pay the Board certificate exam fees
  • Purchase education materials including papers, pens, pencils, etc.
  • Purchase additional books
  • ETC.

MY is awarded to Mothers for their excellence in activities.

A sewing machine is provided for each mother selected for MY award to raise in house technology based earnings. Especial gifts are also awarded.

  • For maintaining healthy lives for their children
  • For excelling in the Institute sponsored home based farms
  • ETC.

Institute's central farms are major sponsors in this program

Thanks to sponsors who invest in creating farms. Thanks to personnels who run the farms

Special award: MY award got started in 2013 with two mothers in our newly added regional centers in Faridpur ragion receiving special gifts. A milk giving cow for a mother's home economy and a tin roof for another mother owned house. The special awards were possible, thanks for special gifts from an Executive Director and his family helping our Institute.


We work with these school going children in their blooming stages-educationally and mentally. Keeping them in education is a challenge in poverty affected societies. We work with children, teachers, parents and local authorities to ensure these green minds to bloom.


Extracurricullar activities and sports events provide these children much needed pleasures. We sponsor schools in general to continue these programs by providing schools with sports equipments such as those shown in the picture.