Rural Clinic for Children and Mothers
for healthy children and mothers


Clinics in the regional centres provide Free treatment and Medicines




Pregnant Ladies

Poverty affected rural areas are outside all sorts of medical facilities. Very limited access to the Government facilities which are about 10 miles away make the lives of children and mothers at high risk especially during the time of seasonal clamities like droughts, floods, etc. when diarrhoea, malayria, nondigestion, general fever, etc. appear sometimes as severe trouble for the people. Our physicians live near our regional centres and thus provide direct care for the patients anytime they need.

Other Health services we provide

  • Tips to avoid being sick.
  • Tips on importance for children to get nutrition rich foods from cheap sources.
  • Encouraging to drink fresh water always, how to get/prepare fresh water.
  • Educating mothers about the major symptoms of various regular diseases children usually get affected and their immediate responsibilities in those situations before they can reach the clinic or the doctors can reach them.
  • Provide family planning ideas.
  • Provide birth control medicines, technologies.

Health Workshops

  • Bi-Monthly
  • Yearly

  • Students from local schools are engaged to volunteer in the workshops. The students learn about the tips more quickly.
  • Besides our sponsored women and children from poor families other women and children in the region regularly participate in the workshops.
  • Local social leaders, school teachers and professionals are also invited and they participate. 

Doctors and team

Dr. Abdul Latif, Physician in field

Dr. Salam, Advising Physician

Water treatment Professional

Ataur Rahman, M.S.

Workshop Instructor

Most Monoara Khatun, M.A., B.Ed.

Assistants and Coordinators

Ms. Tasmina

Ms. Luna

Ms. Marufa


Home-made nutrition enriched traditional child food is a source of both pleasures and healthy lives for children. Our health professionals suggest for traditional foods for the children. We provide some of these foods for the children in poor families.

Mothers are getting tips on healthy care for their children during time of natural disasters like flood, flu, winter etc. and the children are getting warm clothes from Chief Coordinator and Instructor Most Monoara Khatun.


We are sponsoring instruments needed for some special needs kids like the child in the picture. This child never could stand or walk. With the growth of the child his mother is tired now to hold him in her arms.

Can we provide a few wheel chairs for these children?

200 CAD would be enough to buy a car from local markets.

Special needs kids


Dr. Latif is with a few of the children who are regularly treated by him.


Director Tozibar Rahman from middle east and Director Ziaul Jewel from Australia are coordinating our satellite clinic, providing health tips and basic medicine distribution program at a slum at Mirpur, Dhaka in 2014. We regularly run this program in various poverty stricken communities in Bangladesh.

Satellite Clinic

Watch our Satellite Clinic

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Shafiqul Islam (Medical Student)

Medical Advisor, Rural Clinic