in search of a better living for children


Poverty is a social disease which is an extreme geopolitical problem. Appropriate formulas need to be discovered to find perfect cure from this curse. We wish to discover that formula through research.

Ziaul Islam Jewel, a senior scientist, is on a research inspection and data collection on life condition of children of mothers working in garments in Dhaka, Bangladesh. This project finds the severity of the living environment and aims at offering alternatives to raise the quality of lives of the children. We are in process of regulating regular workshops and offering  tips and logistic supports. 

All the research activities in the Institute are focused at finding ways on how the children in the vulnerable societies can find healthy lives. We find that empowering mothers is one of few key aspects which can ensure healthy happy lives for children.

Current areas of research

1. Appropriate Nutrition and Child Health condition

2. Maternal Health and its consequence on Child Life

3. Empowering Mothers, strengthening family economy and child life development

4. Searching for sustainable professions for grown up children in the remote regions

5. Comparable study on food practices and condition of nutrition and health with special attention to obesity among immigrant children and local children in Canada

6. Primary second language and cultural integration and diversification among direct immigrant children.                                                                                                                            
7. Psycho-social conditions and livelihood of children of the garment workers in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Methods of Research

Direct data collection from fields, scientific analysis in the laboratories, producing conclusions and making recommendations


Md. Ashrafuzzaman, D.Sc.

Mail: 12141-80 street, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T5B2P2

Tel: +1 780 863 8331




Lead Scientists

Suranjan Kumar Das, D.Eng.

Assistant Professor

Dept of Physics, Jagannath University

Dhaka, Bangladesh

  Mobile: +88 01727652230

 Mohammad Murshedul Alam, Ph.D.
 Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
 Tel: +1 780 423 0697

 HM Ashraf Ali, MSS
 Assistant Professor of Anthropology
Chittagong University, Bangladesh
 Ph.D. candidate, Anthropology
 University of Alberta, Canada
 Tel: +1 780 965 3759 


 Abu Sadat Nurullah, M.Sc.

Ph.D. candidate, Sociology

University of Alberta, Canada


Senior Scientists

Md. Kamruzzaman, M.Sc.

Dhaka, Bangladesh


  m: +88 01726072072,
       +88 01197060616

Ziaul Islam Jewel, M.S.S.

Dhaka, Bangladesh


m: +88 01815426513

Kanamik Kani Khan, M.S.S.

Dhaka, Bangladesh


m: +88 01558548941


Ananda Kumar Biswas, BDS

B. Development Studies

Khulna University


m: +88 01723840955

Field Analysts

Sk. Zahidul Islam, B.A.

Bagerhat centre, Bangladesh

Ms. Tasmina, B.A.

Satkhira centre, Bangladesh



Announcement: Interested social scientists are encouraged to contact us to be directly  involved in our research projects and/or to make collaborations.