Poultry Farm

supplying protein

Institute has created four central poultry farms at Satkhira region
The farms' current capacity is to produce 5000 Kg meat and 70000 eggs monthly

 Highlighted benefits:

  • Children receive eggs
  • Children eat meat
  • Local people get protein supply-cheap cost
  • Mothers work in the farms-in maintenance. Creates employment
  • Fathers work in the marketing of eggs and meat. Creates employment
  • Farms sell part of the produced eggs and meats and generate secondary revenue
  • Farms generated revenues finance part of various charitable projects
  • Encourages others to create their farms. Creating opportunities in remote economy

A farm at our Dhandia region. We have built a couple of them in every central region.


A dedicated and trained personnel is needed 24/7/365 for successful run of such farms. Chickens require continuous feeding, space cleaning and observation. We are grateful to guys like this gentleman to help us achieve our humanitarian objectives.We have got Mr. Othman trained in animal health and related tips. He is an expert vaccine master coordinating our chicken vaccination in  the fields.


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