Dr. Ashrafuzzaman established the Canadian organization Child Life Development Institute in 2010 to work for the development of the quality of lives of vulnerable children and mothers worldwide.

Md. Ashrafuzzaman, D.Sc.

Dr. Ashrafuzzaman is the chief advocate and the strategist of the Institute. He coordinates all the issues underway and under consideration and plans with the help of Advisors and Directors to find ways for the the fulfillment of the objects of the Institute.

Dr. Ashrafuzzaman is a Biophysics Professor, Department of Biochemistry, King Saud University, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (click). He has authored a book "Membrane Biophysics" published by world famous publisher Springer (click). This book is taught wordwide in undergraduate and post graduate levels and used as a prime reference for advanced biomedical research purposes. Dr. Ashrafuzzaman is currently serving as Editor in two scientific journals: Saudi Journal of biological Sciences (Elsevier journal) and Austin Journal of Computational Biology and Bioinformatics (Austin publishing group, Australia). As a biophysicist he is involved in research related to developing antibiotics and anti cancer drug discovery using physical, biological and biochemical techniques to combat the developing trends in 21st century�s health related issues dealt in biomedical sciences. He has got a huge international credentials throughout his scientific career and has also pursued Research or Faculty positions activities in many top class universities like Alberta (Canada), Cornell (U.S.A), Helsinki University of Technology (Finland), Neuchatel (Switzerland), Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology and Dhaka University (Bangladesh). He is a well-known scientist in his field who has accomplished considerable achievements through publishing a lot in international journals and books. He has delivered lots of lectures on different emerging issues in many conferences and universities and visited many places in the globe and accomplished a lot of knowledge in social and environmental problems and their solving techniques. He has been actively involved with many international organizations like Biophysical Society, U.S.A., Swiss Physical Society, Bangladesh Physical Society, Bangladesh Medical Physics Association etc. as professional members. He also served in the organizing committees of several international conferences like Bangladesh Physical Society annual meetings, Bangladesh Association for Advancement of Science meeting, Medical Physics workshops etc. Throughout his career among many of Dr. Ashrafuzzaman�s achievements of prestigious awards or fellowships highest level scholarships for fitting in Bangladesh Education Board�s (Jessor) top listed talented pupils (Board Stand), the �First Lady of Bangladesh prize', the Chancellor�s scholarship for fitting in Science Faculty�s (Dhaka University) top listed graduates, Dhaka University award, the Bangladesh Ministry of Science and Technology fellow, the Swiss Government�s international fellow (FCS fellow), the Swiss National Science and Technology fellowship, the Finnish Academy of Science fellowship, the National Institutes of Health, U.S.A. fellowship, the Canadian Institutes of Health Research fellowship etc. are mentionable. Dr. Ashrafuzzaman�s highest level education was completed through graduation in condensed matter physics from Neuchatel University which awarded him with a Doctor of Science (D.Sc.) degree in 2004. Earlier he completed Master of Philosophy in biophysics and Master of Science in physics from Dhaka.

Dr. Ashrafuzzaman grew up in a remote village in Satkhira across Bangladesh-India border near the natural habitat of the Royal Bengal Tigers. His father is a retired school head teacher who pioneered education in the remote areas through huge social hardships passing time through three political eras in the mid 20th century. His mother is a housewife. Dr. Ashrafuzzaman is married to Most Anwara Khatun and they are parents to two sons Imtihan and Yakin Ahmed.


Md. Ashrafuzzaman, D.Sc.

12141-80 street, Edmonton

Alberta T5B2P2, Canada

Email: ashraf@childlifedev.ca

Tel: +1 780 863 8331 (Canada)

       +966 564174931 (International)


Dr. Ashrafuzzaman in a visit to Bangladesh to coordinate activities of Child Life Development Institute there, August, 2010.

Social activist, Author, Educator