Arsenic Free Saline Free Water
Donate a deep tube well for 800 Can$


Deep tube wells supply arsenic free fresh water for all in the region


Deep tube wells in school yards

In arsenic and saline affected coastal regions of Bangladesh we are establishing deep tube wells which provide fresh sweet water for students, teachers and employees in schools.

Deep tube wells in localities and bazars

In the government aid absent severe poverty affected regions we establish tube wells for use by people in the localities.  We are also establishing tube wells in the local bazars where usually huge gatherings of people of all professions happen.


400 children under 5th grade participate in this primary school in a remote region in Bagerhat, Bangladesh. There is no source of drinkable fresh water in the school. The nearby pond water is impure and saline and the shallow tube well water in most places is arsenic affected. A deep tube well is only solution here to help children drink pure arsenic and saline free sweet water. School authorities never get any fund for the costs. We provide deep tube wells in schools in the southern coastal regions.

Our Institute started this pure water project by establishing the first water plant (deep tube well) in Baburhat, Bagerhat in 2011.

Construction of our first deep tube well at Baburhat, Bagerhat in 2011. Since then we have been establishing the arsenic free, saline free pure water plants in various regions of our action. Bagerhat region's chief coordinator Monoara Khatun and Advisor Akram Hossain are seen with workers involved in dipping the set up. The whole process takes about 3 days.


A great pleasure to see people taking water from our plant. This is only source of pure drinking water for children going to nearby schools, public coming to a bazar and people living in this surrounding. Altogether about 5000 people get benefits daily from the initiative.